The ultimate guide

to buying real estate property

in Czechia

Get an easy-to-follow guide that will help you buy your dream property.

Perhaps you find yourself in a situation like this:

  • You have lived in a rented home for a long time and you no longer want to pay the rent to somebody else
  • You are worried that the landlord will raise your rent AGAIN
  • You are concerned about whether the landlord will return your deposit or how much they will additionally charge you
  • You want to be sure that you will not have to move out when your lease term runs out
  • You have saved some money and want to invest it in your own residential property
  • You wish to finally have something that will be only yours
  • You want to have the certainty of a permanent home

What would it be like if you could

  • Never again deal with any landlord
  • Know what awaits you during the buying process
  • Be ready to face all the pitfalls of the buying process
  • Get the buying process over and done with
  • Live in your own home and furnish it however you please and know that it can be like that forever
  • Fulfill your dream

Maybe you are looking forward to owning a property. But you are still worried about the whole buying process. The more you think about it, the more you feel everybody will want to take advantage of you. You fear that you may lose money or buy a pig in a poke.

You don’t feel sure about the process. You don’t know what to expect. And what’s more, you don’t know how long it will take.

Those are the commonest worries of my clients whom I guide through the purchase of a real property. Like you, they were worried about what they would have to do and what they would have to measure up to. They were worried about important documents written only in Czech, which they had to get familiar with and sign.

I do understand you. You are definitely not alone in this.

Maybe you have not concerned yourself with the buying process yet or you have not been able to find comprehensive information in one place. And you would like to get help from somebody who cares about the success of your purchase rather than just your money.

Let’s face it.

The process of buying a property in the Czech Republic

is not very simple.

And it is not just about knowing the law or knowing the language but also about:

  • Dealing with the estate agent, the seller, the bank
  • Negotiating the terms of the purchase and the handover of the property
  • Feeling safe and secure about the transfer of money

And most importantly, it is about getting peace of mind forever.

You may be telling yourself:

  • Buying a property is a very complex process that involves a lot of legal matters and that I can never understand. I will close my eyes and it will turn out somehow.
    You do not have to be a lawyer to get a handle on the process; it consists of successive steps that logically follow one another. Just like a path you can walk. And it is nice to know where the path leads and what to expect around a corner.
  • I have no idea what I will have to sign, what will be wanted from me, how to prepare for that. Perhaps the estate agent whom I pay so much will help me. Maybe the mortgage adviser will help me – let’s hope there will be somebody...
    And what if you could be sure and have a guide that would tell you what key documents to sign and when? And what to watch out for in them to make your purchase safe?
  • I am worried about it turning out well. It is a lot of money and who can guarantee I will not lose it? I feel like I am buying a pig in a poke.
    What would it be like to open the poke, or sack, and take a look at what’s inside, check everything, and make sure it is all right?
  • I feel left on my own in this.
    The estate agent works for the seller because the seller hired them. I have a mortgage adviser but they are only concerned with bank contracts. How can I make sure the contracts will protect me?
  • I do not speak Czech so well as to be able to understand legal texts.
    I would like to know what to watch out for and what to avoid to get peace of mind.

How would you feel if:

  • Somebody showed you the way and guided you?
  • You knew perfectly where you are and what is ahead of you?
  • You could be sure you are going in the right direction and not getting lost?

The property market is difficult for buyers at the moment.

You know that you will have to be quick once you come across the right property. If it is worth it, there will surely be several prospective buyers.

There will be no time then to try to figure out what buying a property is about.

It will be necessary to get up and act.




Get ready so that nobody gets ahead of you. Find a guide to taking the necessary steps to get things going.

Live in your own home.

I will guide you step by step. Do not look for a light at the end of the tunnel; throw light on the whole process. 😊

I am an attorney registered with the Czech Bar Association and I have been guiding my clients through safe purchases of real estate property for 20 years. In my practice, I specialize in working with expats living in the Czech Republic.

I have heard views of clients who went through the same process you will. I have helped hundreds of clients buy their dream property during my career. I have also bought several properties myself. Experience incorporated in the Guide is both my clients’ and my own. I will be happy to guide you through the process of buying a real estate property, too.

I enjoy seeing my clients’ dreams come true.

What my clients say about me:

I worked with Martina when purchasing my own house and the cooperation was super smooth. Martina is a great communicator, prompt, professional and very knowledgeable in her field. My case was somewhat cumbersome and I appreciate her flexibility and support. I would definitely choose Martina again and would recommend her to any of my friends 😇
Dorina Plugaru
I have received legal review and advisory services from Martina for the purchase contracts of our flat that we're buying from a development project. She has been very quick and responsive to my service requests, all review comments and answers to my specific questions have been very comprehensive and helpful. Strongly recommend to anyone in process of buying a real estate and signing some important contracts for.
Serkan Güngör
Right from the start Martina was excellent. Very clear in all her dealings, competitively priced and thorough in her work. I would have no hesitation to recommend her for property/conveyancing. Fantastic work and nice person too.
Marco Ciglia

What would you say if you had a guide to successfully

buying a property?

  • A guide to lead you through the whole buying process?
  • To show you the right direction at every crossroads?
  • To help relieve the fears and worries associated with every purchase?

That is the reason why this successful guide to buying a real estate property was created. It will guide you through your purchase step by step, clearly, succinctly, concisely. It is packed with practical tips that will be handy in the process.

You will be relieved of uncertainty, stop worrying about the purchase and start enjoying it. You will understand what is going on, where you are going, and what is ahead of you. I will tell you how to pass obstacles and avoid pitfalls to reach your destination happily and contentedly.


At the end, you will stand in your own home and enjoy the warming feeling that you are finally in a place that is only yours. You will settle how you like and noone will move you out anymore. Noone will tell you what you can and you cannot in respect of furniture, building adjustments inside of the property or other.

And what more you will feel good about the buying process.

You can hold the Guide in your hands in a few minutes

  • I have written it based on my 20 years of experience.
    My own experience with transfer of hundreds of properties. Most purchases are similar in certain respects and the processes repeat, so it is possible to prepare well.
  • The Guide is packed with practical examples, directions, and tips.
    All in one document that you can print, annotate, underline, or tick off completed steps in. You can keep it on you to have it at hand all the time and consult it at any time before viewings or before visiting a bank to immediately know what you need to. Or you can read it at your leisure over coffee at home, digest the information, be ready and use it at the right time.
  • The Guide is written in clear and comprehensible language.
    There are no legal complexities in it. Everything is explained so that it can be understood by any first-time property buyer.
  • Do not expect boring theoretical stuff.
    The practice is varied and the Guide is packed with practical advice. I am in contact with my clients every day; I know what they need, what they ask about, what helps them. And I have incorporated all of that in the Guide. Don’t feel left on your own. Take guidance from an experienced lawyer.

The Guide will prepare you for the whole buying process

by making you

  • Feel confident when dealing with an estate agent, seller, or bank.
  • Understand what documents you need to get and check to be sure you are not buying a pig in a poke.
  • Know what to ask your lawyer if you hire one
  • Feel ready to respond to what is required from you
  • Feel safe and secure in knowing that it is you who has the buying process under control

Be ahead of other buyers, give yourself the advantage of knowing and being ready for the process, and overtake other prospective buyers to be the person who buys the property you want.

Get the full Guide for the price of a one-hour consultation with a lawyer.

At this moment there is

a special discount of 77%

CZK 12,880

 CZK 2,970

This offer is only valid for:

The Guide is structured into chapters that chronologically describe the buying process.

With the Guide, you will learn, among other things:

  • 1. How to find the right property
    I will show you how to find the right property for you. Are you looking for a downtown apartment or a house with a garden within a reasonable driving distance from Prague? Thanks to this chapter, you will know where to look for it, what to check, and what is important to know.
  • 2. How to prepare for a viewing
    You have found a property you like and are going to do a viewing. It is important to make the best of every viewing at the first attempt. I will tell you what to watch out for, what to ask the estate agent, and what documents to ask for to make sure the property is what you are looking for and, most importantly, what you want to buy.
  • 3. How to deal with a bank
    Getting a mortgage from a bank is usually a long and complex process. Sellers only care about your money and want to have it as soon as possible. They often choose the buyer from whom they can get the money the soonest. I will show you how to have the money ready to make the seller choose you. I will tell you what to prepare, what documents to present to the bank, and how to get the mortgage pre-approved.
  • 4. What to check before you sign a reservation agreement
    A reservation agreement is the first contract you will sign and, most importantly, the first contract under which you will pay out a significant sum. Even though the estate agent tells you it is just a short contract which is “only important to ensure they get their commission”, it is in fact the very basis of the whole transaction. What is not agreed in the reservation agreement will be hard to agree later. You set up the terms of the whole transaction in the reservation agreement and should pay due attention to it to make sure that it does not put you at risk but rather that it gives you protection and security. The Guide will tell you what should definitely be included in it.
  • 5. What to check in a purchase agreement
    You definitely do not want to buy a pig in a poke. A purchase agreement, an escrow agreement, contracts with your bank, a lien agreement – these are other crucial contracts that will need to be negotiated, fine-tuned to your satisfaction, and signed. They should include provisions to protect you; often it is necessary to add such provisions, edit the draft wording, etc. The Guide includes the most important purchase agreement provisions to protect you, which should definitely be there.
  • 7. How to take over the property
    The purpose of your purchase is to make you live happily in your own home. The handover of the property is crucial to that. If you are well prepared, you can protect yourself from a lot of costs that you might incur later. Getting the keys is the happiest moment of the process for the buyer but it is necessary to make sure everything goes as smoothly as you have always wished. The Guide will show you what to take care of, what to watch out for, and what to ask because later may be too late.
  • 8. What else to do after the purchase
    You want to have peace of mind not only during the transaction but also when it is completed. Even though you have worked on the purchase for several months, signed dozens of documents, and got proof of title, it is not completely over yet. It is necessary to take care of a lot of steps after the purchase without which there could be a problem, your bank or the financial authority might fine you, or something might not work as it should. From the Guide you will learn what to take care of to be finally able to tell yourself it’s all done, everything is as it should be, and there are no risks.
  • 9. And much more...

I want to buy the full Guide for the price of

a one-hour consultation with a lawyer.

At this moment there is

a special discount of 77%

CZK 12,880

CZK 2,970

This offer is only valid for:

As part of this special offer, which is just for you, I offer you the following BONUSES to the Guide:

1. FREE online consultation to answer all your questions

You probably have a lot of questions concerning the purchase of a property. Or you may think of additional questions while reading the Guide. I will answer your questions online during a free 20-minute consultation.

2. A year of updates when the law or market situation change

The times are strange; many well-established procedures change suddenly. And it is necessary to react to that. If legal regulations change within a year of the date you buy the Guide so that there is a significant impact on the process of buying a property or if there is any other event considerably affecting the property market, you will be the first person I will write to notify you.

3. A CZK 1,000 voucher for my law office’s legal services should you need them when buying a property.

You can but do not have to hire any lawyer, but if you decide to take guidance on the buying process from my law office I offer you this bonus, which I do not offer anybody or anywhere else.

4. Access to membership section

For easy download of the guide and other materials.

What you can buy:

  • The Guide to Buying a Real Estate Property worth CZK 9,990
  • 20-minute online meeting to answer your questions worth CZK 1,000
  • A year of updates when the law changes – not available separately
  • CZK 1,000 voucher for legal services in buying a property

The total value of the Guide and related bonuses is

CZK 12,880.

This is the very first time the Guide is on sale. I have decided to offer

a special discount of 77% on it

Your price is CZK 2,970.

You can be among the first people who will use it to help them buy their dream property.

This offer is only valid for:

You may have a lot of questions that you want answers to. Or you are not sure whether to buy the Guide and you think to yourself:

  • I am going to spend a lot of money on the purchase anyway. Will the investment in the Guide pay off?
    YES, the investment will definitely pay off. Compare the price of the Guide with the price of a real estate property, which is on the order of millions. Compare the price of the Guide with the commission you will have to pay to an estate agent, which will be in hundreds of thousands. How much would you pay to have an understanding of the buying process so as not to be swindled by anybody and to have peace of mind when you pay the two above-mentioned sums knowing you have everything under control? The price of the Guide is a mere fraction of what you are going to pay in total and if you know what to do, you will save a lot of time and spare yourself a lot of anxiety and trouble. You will have peace of mind knowing that everything will turn out well. And that’s worth the price, isn’t it?
  • I’m afraid I will never understand it – the buying process is so complex. And I don’t want to, actually.
    Thanks to the Guide, you will understand every step and buy your property easily. The Guide is written in simple and comprehensible language and presents milestones on the road to living in your own dream property. It does not contain any complex legalese; it will give you a sense of perspective, as if you had a map and marked the path you will follow in it. You do not have to learn anything; the Guide will lead you by the hand.
  • I will hire a lawyer to do it for me.
    It is definitely advisable to have a lawyer behind you in such a substantial transaction. However, a lawyer usually just checks the contracts. But the buying process is about much more than checking the contracts. From negotiating with an estate agent to dealing with your bank to getting the keys and dealing with the owners' association, there is so much more to the process and it is nice to know what you can expect.
  • What if I have questions even after I read the Guide?
    If you feel uncertain about some steps anyway, I am here for you because you will get a 20-minute online consultation included in the price of the Guide. You can ask me in person about anything concerning the property buying process.
  • I have already bought a property some time ago, I will manage.
    If you have a lot of spare time and energy, you can do it on your own. Then I wish you good luck. I would just like to remark that every transaction is different. The Guide describes various alternatives that correspond to the situation in the market and reflect current legislation.
  • What if I am not going to buy a property very soon?
    Being prepared will give you a big advantage over other prospective buyers when you come across your dream property. You never know when that happens, it can be as soon as tomorrow. If you are not ready the property will be bought by whoever is better prepared. It’s up to you whether you want to be well prepared.

Get ready to fulfil your dream.

Start preparing for your purchase. You will have to be quick when you come across the right property. Fortune favours the prepared.

Take advantage of a special price that will never be so low again. This special price is only good for a limited time.

What I can get now:

  • The Guide to Buying a Real Estate Property worth CZK 9,990
  • 20-minute online meeting to answer your questions worth CZK 1,000
  • A year of updates when the law changes – not available separately
  • CZK 1,000 voucher for legal services in buying a property

The total value of the Guide and related bonuses is

CZK 12,880.

I have decided to offer

a special discount of 77% on the Guide right now.

Your price is CZK 2,970.

You can be among the first people who will use it to help them buy their dream property.


I want to get ready.

I want to buy the Guide to Buying a Real Estate Property with all the bonuses

at the special price of CZK 2,970.

This offer is only valid for:

Having Martina on your side is very reassuring, especially as a non-Czech speaking client. Not only is her service impeccable, and her English very good, but she is very reliable and thorough.. always closely staying in touch during the most delicate parts of the real estate process. She is also very transparent and fair with her fees. I would not hesitate to work with her again. Highly recommended.
Basil Hogios
Martina was my legal adviser during the process of getting a mortgage and purchasing a property. I was extremely satisfied with her professionalism, although my case was complicated. She provided clear guidance and legally covered all possible scenarios how the situation might evolve. Having a very good lawyer that speaks English is very convenient. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a lawyer in real estate business.
Endrit Danaj
Martina guided us through the purchase liaising with the realtor and seller. Everything went like clockwork and we completed in a record time - all parties being very happy with the purchase. Martina was always available to answer any questions and update us on the status; she did a fantastic job and if we are going to purchase again I won't hesitate to contact Martina in a heartbeat!
Kelvin Ayres