About us

Our vision

I often hear from my clients (as most of my clients are expats living in the Czech Republic) that they feel a certain type of discrimination or unfair treatment here. This happens not only in rental relations but also in selling or buying of real estate property.

My vision is to:

  • Make the legal environment in the Czech republic more fair
  • Ameliorate legal relations between counterparties
  • Improve style of negotiations
  • Make the legal world more friendly
  • Make you feel better and safer during real estate transactions

I know that it is a huge vision and that no one can save the world alone :-), but if one person feels better and safer in his/her next real estate relation, I will be happy and he/she will be happy too. Will it be you?

I have founded a brand new facebook group called Real estate transactions – legal tips where fair acting expats do meet, discuss their plans in real estate transactions, can pose questions and share their experiences.

Our team

Martina Kačerová

JUDr. Ing. Martina Kačerová,                attorney at law

Martina Kačerová graduated Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague in 2002 and in 2003 she graduated University of Economics majoring in international business and European Union.

During studies Martina Kačerová participated in several internships including a working internship at the Senate of the Czech Republic and she has worked for several attorney offices. Martina Kačerová has further passed a special course in French law at the University Pantheon Assas Paris II and a course of commercial law organised by the Paris Chamber of Commerce.

Starting 2003 Martina Kačerová worked in attorney office of Petra Vlachova where she practised mainly commercial law, civil law and labour law. In summer 2006 Martina Kačerová successfully passed Bar exams.

Libor Fidler

Mgr. et Mgr. Libor Fidler

Libor graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague with a master’s degree in 2014. He has worked as a legal intern for Martina Kačerová’s law firm since 2019. He specialises in development, tax issues, and other legal matters.

Before studying law, Libor earned a master’s degree in English and Czech at the Faculty of Arts of Palacký University in Olomouc and worked as a freelance translator. He has ample experience with translating legal texts from Czech to English and vice versa.

Libor speaks Czech and English and also some Polish and Russian.

Mgr. Aleš Neuman

Mgr. Aleš Neuman

Mgr. Aleš Neuman graduated from the Law Faculty of the Charles University in Prague. In 2012 he was awarded the title of Magister. From 2008 to 2009 he studied at the University of Bayreuth in Germany. Since 2009 he has worked in law office as Legal Assistant Junior Lawyer and since 2016 as an independent Attorney at Law.

Aleš has many years of experience in all major fields of law, especially in real estate law, corporate law, insolvency law, debt collection and enforcement, criminal law, family law, administrative law with a focus on building law, and procedural law, including representation before courts at all levels in civil, administrative and criminal proceedings. He represented clients in litigation for tens of millions of CZK, especially in the field of construction, and defended clients in criminal proceedings in serious and widely monitored cases in the area of white-collar crime and criminal liability of legal entities.

In the field of real estate law, he has been involved in comprehensive legal services for development projects, preparation of purchase contracts and escrow agreements, preparation of owner's declarations and wide services for owners' associations and housing associations. He also has significant experience in the field of building law, both in representing builders and other participants in proceedings in the field of building law.

Languages: Czech, English, partly German.

Mgr. et Mgr. Šárka Podlešáková

Šárka graduated from the Law Faculty of the Palacky University in Olomouc, simultaneously with the field of Political Science and European Studies. She started working as a legal assistant already during her studies. She has been an independent Attorney at Law since 2013.

At the beginning of her legal practice, Šárka had the opportunity to gain extensive experience in providing legal services, especially to multinational corporations and established companies successfully operating on the Czech market. Over time, however, she became more concerned with helping natural persons in protecting their interests in everyday life and non-standard situations.

Šárka is at your disposal for dealing with all life situations in the field of civil law and especially real estate law, including custody of the purchase price. She does not avoid the demanding field of family law either.

In case of any problems, she always primarily looks for an amicable solution, which is more effective and less time and financially demanding. The priority of her work is to reach a mutually acceptable agreement, not to file lawsuits. She is always looking for amicable solutions and only if the agreement is not realistic she will give you a clear recommendation on whether to start a lawsuit.

She provides legal services in Czech and English.

Barbora Vilímková

Mgr. Barbora Vilímková, Attorney at law

Barbora graduated from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno. She has been practicing law since 2010, and since 2017 as an independent lawyer. Barbora specializes in litigation and representation in court proceedings, particularly in the areas of civil, commercial and real estate law. She also provides legal support to commercial companies and other business entities. Barbora has extensive experience in the area of contract law, which helps to prevent disputes in the first place.

Barbora has represented clients in civil court proceedings and arbitration proceedings worth hundreds of millions of crowns in various contractual relationships, in claiming damages and the release of unjust enrichment. She led the strategy of the entire process and was successful in proceedings before the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic and the Constitutional Court. In defending criminal proceedings, Barbora has argued for alternative sentencing or acquittal for a number of clients. In real estate disputes, Barbora has helped defend clients' claims in pre-trial negotiations, saving not only their time but also considerable financial resources.

Martina´s story

I have always wanted to help people. When choosing what to study at university, I only thought of two options: medicine or law. Seeing a drop of blood makes me feel unwell, so my choice was obvious. I got a law degree and became an attorney.

I attended court hearings, advised people, and wrote complaints, actions, objections, appeals, etc. Over time, I found out that what I liked the most was real estate. Or, rather than real estate as such, caring for clients that are selling or buying it. But I worked for a law firm specializing in commercial law, so there were few real estate conveyances to work on.

I worked as hard as I could. I woke up at six in the morning, turned on my computer, and began preparing contracts and answering emails.

In my office, I had meeting after meeting, made phone calls, consulted with my colleagues, and so on, all day long.

The offices were being locked at nine o’clock in the evening, so I went home, turned on my computer again, and prepared contracts for the next day.

I went to bed at midnight, sometimes at one o’clock. Day after day after day. I felt like a hamster on a wheel.

I was dead on my feet but I was happy I was doing a good job.

My goal was to look after my clients, explain them the selling process, as buying a real estate property might be a once-in-a-lifetime transaction for an absolute majority of them, so they do not know how it works, they ask questions, they need assurance that everything will turn out well, that the money will not get lost, etc. etc.


Good fortune had it that I quit my job in the original law firm and was on the lookout for a new job. And since what I enjoyed the most was working on contracts for real estate sales and leases, I decided to work for a real-estate agency.

I was hired by one of the largest real-estate firms in Prague. I was really excited. My job was only real-estate sales contracts, lots of real-estate sales contracts.


I spared no effort because I felt my clients needed it. But one evening, when everybody else had left, one of my bosses invited me to his office to upbraid me.

He’s like: “I know you care for your clients a lot, but this can’t go on any longer. You lose a lot of time caring for them. And it’s necessary that you work faster, manage to conclude more contracts a week than you do now.”

I was stunned. I felt like crying and I did cry in the end. I was crying on my way home on the metro, people looking at me and wondering what had happened to me, as I felt completely disappointed, misunderstood, totally helpless.

Internally, I strongly believed that clients needed a helping hand, support, understanding, and kindness, not just a list of law sections and contractual penalties. Not long after that I quit working for the real estate agency due to absolute conflict with my values.

It hurt. I had loved my job but I could not do otherwise. I worried about whether I would be able to get along on my own but I plucked out my courage and decided to do it my way. I set up my own law office to keep serving my clients as I was used to and as felt was right.

My clients were returning to me and were recommending my services, so my clientele was growing quickly, to my pleasure, and has been growing ever since. It’s been a couple of years since I started working just for my clients, not for my boss.

After 20 years of practice, I’ve become a sought-after attorney specializing in real estate in the Czech Republic.

I also provide legal services in English and French.

In my practice, I focus mostly on:

  • Contracts for the sale of real property
  • Contracts for the purchase of real property to be occupied by the owner
  • Contracts for the purchase of investment real property
  • Providing fine-tuned lease agreements to landlords and assisting landlords with renting out their property
  • Legal support to tenants, especially when entering into or terminating a lease. Together we look for the best solution to their situation.

Today, I collaborate with a real estate agency again, but it’s a firm that values its clients.  I am also working for clients selling, buying, or renting real property without a real estate agency that seek comprehensive legal services from me.

Most of my time I am working for expats living in the Czech Republic. I love to travel, I love foreign cultures and meeting people. When I am abroad I am always wondering how would be the process to buy a property there.

Having a place to live in peace

is one of basic human needs and I, with my approach, experience, and many years of practice as a lawyer, strive to help my clients to their complete satisfaction.

If you would also like to get high-quality legal services when selling or renting your real property, I am here for you.

I understand it would be difficult as I do not know anything about the local process of purchase.

And that is what I want to be helpful to my clients. To guide them through the whole process of sale or purchase in the Czech Republic.

I stick to what I believe in, taking care of my clients from the very beginning to the very end to their maximum satisfaction. I’ve worked for several hundred satisfied clients.

If you would also like to get high-quality legal services when selling or renting your real property, we are here for you.

Martina Kačerová has founded her attorney office 1st August 2006 and since then she is registered as attorney at law at the Czech Bar Association. In her practise she cooperates with other attorney offices and provides legal services to individuals and companies, including foreigners.

In fall 2009 Martina Kačerová participated in professional two months internship organised by Paris Bar Association and further practise in attorney office of Maitre Vincent Canu, one of the most important specialists in real estate law in Paris.

In October 2010 Martina Kačerová passed the doctoral exam at the Law faculty of Charles University.

Martina Kačerová provides legal services in Czech, English and French.